I don't claim to be an expert fisherman ... just a guy who loves to fish and has been blessed for his efforts. I learned a long time ago that in fishing, and in much of life, you get out of it what you put into it. I work hard when fishing, I study a lot, and always try to learn something on every outing. I hope you can use the information I post on this blog to learn something as well. Thanks for following along!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday - April 11, 2009

Fished SHE. Started in the PGN and went 4 for 5 on Steelhead. All 4 were under 8". must have just been stocked. Went to the harbor and caught a 31" Brown in the first 15 minutes in my float tube. Hooks from my J-13 punctured the tube and I had to quit. Temps 40 - Water fairly clear for the harbor. Winds north at 15 mph.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Steelhead Fishing - April 2, 2009

Fished SHE today. Started in PGN and went 4 for 5 in Steelies. Left at 10:00 when the crowd rolled in. Went to the harbor and went 0 for 1 on Browns. Lost a huge brown (18 to 20 lb class). Went back to the river in the afternoon and went 1 for 3. Water in the river was perfect. Slow, deep holes were loaded with Steelies. The harbor was brown but not murky. Calm winds, overcast, 30 - 35 degrees.

Steelhead buck - 26" - 5 lbs