I don't claim to be an expert fisherman ... just a guy who loves to fish and has been blessed for his efforts. I learned a long time ago that in fishing, and in much of life, you get out of it what you put into it. I work hard when fishing, I study a lot, and always try to learn something on every outing. I hope you can use the information I post on this blog to learn something as well. Thanks for following along!

Monday, January 24, 2011

One to Remember

I think I've thawed out enough now to report on the weekend. The weather was cold, the fishing was fun, the bite sucked, and the football game was ... well, I guess thats a matter of opinion.

I don't think the temps ever really got above 15 degrees on Saturday, and what started as rather delightful weather at daybreak turned to COLD in the afternoon as the sky cleared and the wind switch to out of the north. There were big, beautiful snow flakes falling at 6:30 when I arrived at the river ... just in time to see 4 people in the hole I was hoping to fish. A set up a fair distance away from them and proceeded to watch my new friend Nate put on a Steelhead clinic. When I finally left at 10:00 they were 4 for 13 with some real nice chrome Steelies. Nice job, guys ... you had that bite nailed!

Off we went to try a little Marina action. Should have just gone home instead. If it were possible to get worse than zero bites ... I would have found a way to do it that afternoon. Just not my day on the ice. BUT, all was not lost. I made a couple of new friends and got re-acquainted with a few others I hadn't seen in months. The brats were good, by the way. :)

I wish I could tell you how the new slammers worked. They sure looked pretty sitting there while nothing bit! Hopefully this coming weekend we'll give them a better workout. I've kind of made up my mind I'll head out again on Saturday, but I also promised myself I would only go if the forecast called for a high temp of at least 25 degrees.

Blake ... we'll have to try to get out together again. You didn't miss much. Hopefully we'll pick a time when "the bite is right and our lines go tight!" :)

As for the football game ... all I'll say is ... to my friends and readers from the Chicago area ... hang in there. We know your pain. We felt it ourselves just a few years ago. The Bears played hard and never quit. (Well ... most of them at least.) It was good, hard-nosed football. We're going to have some fun together over the next few years fighting for the NFC North title!


  1. Sorry to miss you still the same, car is out of shop and still need some repairs before its right. Snuck out on Sunday for couple hours though! See you soon

  2. Fish come & go but hard water friends seem to last a long time.